Guilty landscapes 1

 Guilty landscapes 1


The basic belief in art, is the basic belief in the goodness of mankind.
Vladimir Nabokov

'Buon Appetito'  W.i.M.

Art is not there to make you feel comfortable.
Art has to disturb everything you believe in. Not to destroy your identity but to criticise your thoughts. Because in the end there's nothing to explain.

Split, photo W.i.M.

The significance of Art

Live is elusive. The knowledge we have about life is based on the exchange of ideas, experiences and research. A cacophony of sounds produced by those who want to justify themselves by screaming as loud as possible; those who are silently conducting fundamental research and all other timbres in between. In that polyphonic choir the will to live has been tucked in. As the libido is the impetuous driving force for the propagation of life, so is the exchange the driving force for the passionate will to live.
I believe art plays an important and necessary role in this dialectical process. Over the centuries art has fulfilled an undeniable role in shaping our lives. Although the exact purpose of the paleolithic cave paintings is not known, I think it is art in its most essential form, art that has helped us to define our position in an undefined world. But also in the current era and in the future I am sure art will not lose its significance to redefine ourselves and our surrounding reality.

' I think so I am'

 Cynthia Lenikx

Art is Nature
Art is the mother of Design


'Wall design'  team DDarwin


 I was never afraid...

 I was never afraid...
Cynthia Lenikx

 a study to visualize emotions expressed in 4 pictures
Cynthia Lenikx

Can art still make a difference in the world?

Has art influence, can art change society?
Or is the art world a fully enclosed, self-sufficient system in which fame, social criticism and money can’t live without each other?
On the other hand, is the art world not eminently a world that owes its existence to the fact that there is maximum of freedom? Is the art world not precisely so important and meaningful because art is representing the greatest freedom of thought and action that is allowed in our society?

That’s also the main stress of contemporary art practice: art stands for maximum freedom of form, of ideas, of experiment, but an artist who wants to practice this freedom outside the system of galleries, museums, collectors and auction houses, places himself so far out of power that he will never mean anything in the art world. And therefore also not beyond the art world.

The artist who really wants to mean something has to submit to the rules and laws of the art system.
Only when you as a artist can deal with this paradox, when you represent status, influence and money in the art world, you can look further to the world as a whole.

Hans den Hartog Jager
Design is the creative attitude, the wayward look, with which our daily lives will be shaped digital-intelligent.

René Cuperus, Cultural Historian


Charles Darwin

The streets will teach you about racism and capitalism and survival of the fittest. Don't worry about that. The only thing you've got to worry about is if you've got enough cold-blooded ambition to apply the lessons you get taught.
Snoop Dogg 

'Watching Donald Trump'
Louis Beauvardille

Artificial Intelligence and consciousness

If we create very intelligent machines, if you have a helper robot who you can have conversations with and says pretty interesting things. Wouldn’t you want to know if it feels like something to be that helper robot? If it’s conscious, or if it’s just a zombie pretending to have these experiences? If you knew that it felt conscious much like you do, presumably that would put it ethically in a very different situation.
For me, consciousness is subjective experience. And that experience is the basis of every morality: pain, suffering, pleasure.
It is too easy to say that machines can not have subjective experiences.
There is nothing without consciousness. No luck, no meaning, no beauty.
It’s not our universe giving meaning to us, it’s we conscious beings giving meaning to our universe. If there’s nobody experiencing anything, our whole cosmos just goes back to being a giant waste of space. It’s going to be very important for these various reasons to understand what it is about information processing that gives rise to what we call consciousness.

Max Tegmark

'Split1'  Louis Beauvardille 

The computer, the transistor, the first computer game and almost all software: it's all invented by larger or smaller collectives who invented things, made, tried out, improved and, ultimately, managed to sell. At the same time those collectives did exist of brilliant individuals. That is the paradox of the inventors.
Walter Isaacson, author ‘The Innovators’ 

'Universal Thoughts 01' Gustaaf Terwinkel

Just like evolution we are messing around, and afterwards we are always able to explain what we wanted to create and why. 


'From now on...'   Cynthia Lenikx